Created with German craftsmanship by Castle Hoke. Some of this blocks are made from 26 year old naturally dried up Red Oak. This blocks are very hard just because they have naturally cured for so long.

The Cutting board/Butcher Block is one
of the tools in the kitchen you will use
the most almost every time you create
a meal. This is the one tool you should
not save your money on. Many have
used many garbage boards over the
years and will find out after you purchase
a high quality board to cut on what the
difference is. Cheap board never last
as longe as the value of a hand crafted
board. Once you have used a quality
board you will never go back since it
will last that long. Castle Hoke makes
some of the best cutting boards around
and they are available in different shapes and forms and quality. Our over 25 year naturally dried up boards are the top of the line and a the Rolls Royce of a Cutting Board you will not find a better one.

You ever wonder what present would be the perfect good gift idea for the woman you love? Well here it is: "The Castle Hoke medium classic cutting board" It has naturally dried up with no chemicals what so ever and has an Organic Beeswax Finish . No chemicals have ever been used to create this board at any time. So, why would it be the perfect gift you ask? Not only is it environmental friendly but t hink about it every time when she stand in the kitchen to prepare a meal for you than she will think about you since she will use the board and remember the day you bought it for her. This board will last a lifetime and hopefully so will last your relationship. Cheers Castle Hoke.

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Butchering Blocks
North Carolina
USA from Castle Hoke